Ghoul Gang - Ambassador Program



What is the Ghoul Gang?

The Ghoul Gang is a new ambassador program that will give members access to discounts, freebies and more!

What perks are there?
If you’re accepted into the Ghoul Gang, you’ll receive a free welcome pack. This pack will contain a whole bunch of October 31st products which include stickers, gift wrap, prints, badges, pins and more!

This welcome pack will help you share October 31st goodies and be a great way to feature things on your own social media.

You will also receive TWO exclusive discount codes.

The first code you will receive right away and this will be an exclusive 10% off code that you can share with everyone. For the first month this code can also be used by yourself too.
Once you have been a member of the Ghoul Gang for a whole month, you will then receive a second code. This time the code will be a 15% off code and will be exclusive to yourself only. This code cannot be shared or used by anyone else and is only to be used by you.

And that’s not all!

You’ll also receive additional freebies throughout your time as a Ghoul Gang member. Your welcome pack will contain 3 products that are not yet released too, these are secret products that you will need to hold onto until release.

Oh, and how does exclusive competitions sound? Yup you heard right, along with your discounts and freebies, Ghoul Gang members will also be able to take part in competitions and compete to win prizes.


 What does a Ghoul Gang Member have to do?

All Ghoul Gang Members are required to post about October 31st at least once a week. This can be in the form of an Instagram/Facebook post, share, story or posting in Facebook groups.

Tagging October 31st in your posts is required (if possible) so you can be seen as being an active Ghoul Gang Member.

You can share anything from re-sharing October 31st posts, your own purchases, news, updates and more.
If you can share October 31st then it’s definitely encouraged. This is all about getting October 31st out there and rewarding you in the process.


 What can’t you do?

You cannot share your own personal discount code and you cannot share negative posts about October 31st (although I hope there would be no need to :D). If it’s discovered you’re allowing others to use your own code, it will be removed and your membership cancelled.


How long can I be a Ghoul Gang member for?

You can technically be a member for as long as the program is running. As long as you’re active each week, your membership will continue and you will continue to receive free products and extras.

The program is launching on a 3 month trial basis for now, but if it’s a success, you won’t need to re-apply after 3 months, your membership will roll over and continue for as long as possible. Your membership will be reviewed every now and again and might earn you extra perks if you're doing well!


What if I’m no longer active?

If you stop being an active Ghoul Gang member and this is evident for at least 2 weeks, your membership may be removed. If you’re inactive for a personal reason, then please do get in touch and let me know as your membership will be paused. Your wellbeing will always be top priority, so if you can’t post for a while, please do let me know.


Who can apply?

The Ghoul Gang is currently for UK Ghouls only, but might expand outside the UK in the future.

You will need to be active on social media and must have both an Instagram and Facebook account. You will need to have a minimum of 1000 followers on Instagram.

How do I apply?

To apply please send the below details by January 21st to please include the subject as Ghoul Gang Application.



Instagram Username:

Do you have your own website or Facebook page/group, if so please share the link (this does not include personal profile page but a Facebook account is required):

Have you ordered from October 31st before?

Are you able to share October 31st posts at least once a week across your social pages?

Tell me a little bit about yourself and why you would like to be a Ghoul Gang Member?