Boo Mail FAQ

Launching July 1st!

What is the Boo Mail Subscription?
The Boo Mail subscription is a mini monthly treat right through your door. You will receive an A5 print, sticker/sticker sheet and 1-2 extra treats each month. The additional treats could be anything from craft sheets, badges, bookmarks and more!

How much is the Boo Mail Subscription?
The price of the subscription is £6.50. This includes postage and packaging. 

How is the Boo Mail Subscription so cheap?
The subscription has been created to be so cheap as it's everything will be able to fit into a board back A5 envelope. The way the price is broken down is £2.50 will cover postage and packaging and £4 will go towards products. This isn't about making a huge profit, but more about making a tiny profit and also making one day a month extra spooky for you. 

Will I receive things like mugs, candles etc?
No this is only a mini subscription intended to fit right through your letterbox.

How are items sent?
All subscriptions will be sent via standard second class mail. Subscriptions cannot be tracked as this is another way to cut costs. 

Will products be available outside of the subscription?
Yes! Any excess products left over from the subscription will be made available in the October 31st store a month later, but they will be more than the price of a subscription if purchased individually. Prints retail for around £4-£5 alone and you'll be getting a print each month in your subscription!

Where do you ship to?
The Boo Mail subscription is only available to the UK. There are plans to extend this to other countries in the future.

Do I need to make a separate account?
Yes. When signing up you will be made to create a new account. This will be separate from the standard October 31st account, however once you have placed your order, your subscription will appear in your standard October 31st account.
The subscription account is separate so you are able to easily manage your subscription, check payments and more.

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes! You can cancel your subscription at any time. It will end once the billing period has come to an end. Please note subscriptions cannot be refunded if placed, but they will not be renewed if cancelled. 

Will you have guest artists? 
Yes! Occasionally guest artists will be asked to design products for the subscription. Stay tuned for updates on this. 

What payment methods do you accept?
Currently only card payments can be used to purchase the subscription. 

When will subscriptions ship?
All subscriptions must be purchased by the 5th of each month. After this date all subscriptions will be processed and shipped by the end of the month.

Are there any extra perks to subscribing?
Yes! Subscribers will receive exclusive discount days where you will receive an exclusive discount code a few times a year to use in the October 31st store. There will also be giveaways and more!