October 31st Rewards!



As stated below, the rewards program would only be available for a limited time and May 31st was the final day that the rewards program was made available. 

When launched, the program was set up as a trial to see how it would work out, what you like and didn't like about it and to see how it could be improved. 

There has been some feedback received with regards to the rewards program and some of you might receive a brief survey for additional feedback once the program closes. 

Once it has closed, the program will be reviewed and potentially improved for re-release later this year, with new rewards and more ways to earn points. 

Unfortunately there has been a small number of users who have tried to abuse the program and had their accounts removed, which is something that will also be looked into once the program comes to an end. 

Please ensure you have used up all of your points before the end of May as these cannot be transferred when the program potentially relaunches later this year. 


October 31st Reward Program

October 31st Rewards is a new member program where you can earn points for a variety of different things. You can earn 3 points per £1 spent on all transactions (points are not awarded on vat charges or postage costs). Points are also awarded for signing up to the mailing list, liking October 31st on Facebook and Instagram and more!

You'll even receive points for letting October 31st your Birthday and will receive even more points on the day along with a discount too! 

Occasionally there will be bonus points available for various products, promotions and giveaways so be sure to always check the rewards tab when visiting the store.

Every sign up to the new rewards program will also receive their own referral link. This link will earn you extra points and also give the user a small discount on their first purchase of £20 or more.

You can use your points to purchase discounts and free products. New rewards will be added so there will always be different rewards available too.  

Currently the rewards program will be available for a limited time but if successful it will become a permanent program for all customers to enjoy.

Please note if you are found to be abusing the rewards scheme, your account will be removed and any orders potentially cancelled.